The relationship between the South-to-North Water Diversion East Route Project and BT169 thyristor

South-to-North Water Diversion Eastern Route Project is a large-scale water conservancy project in China that aims to solve the water shortage problem in the northern region through water transfer. BT169 thyristor, on the other hand, is a semiconductor device commonly used in power electronics to control and regulate current. In the first phase of the […]

Chromium oxide green: an ideal raw material for refractory materials

Chromium oxide green powder is insoluble in water, acid, and alkaline solutions, but its excellent heat resistance makes it stable in high-temperature environments. This characteristic makes chromium oxide green an ideal choice for manufacturing refractory materials. Refractory materials need to maintain structural and performance stability at extremely high temperatures, and the excellent performance of chromium […]

Activated Zinc Sulfide: a material with excellent photocatalytic properties and environmentally friendly properties

With increasing environmental protection awareness, developing efficient and environmentally friendly photocatalytic materials has become an urgent need. Activated Zinc Sulfide (activated zinc sulfide, ZnS for short), as a new type of photocatalytic material, has excellent photocatalytic performance and environmental protection properties, so it has received widespread attention. This article will detail the properties, preparation methods, […]

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