Chromium oxide green: an ideal raw material for refractory materials

Chromium oxide green powder is insoluble in water, acid, and alkaline solutions, but its excellent heat resistance makes it stable in high-temperature environments. This characteristic makes chromium oxide green an ideal choice for manufacturing refractory materials. Refractory materials need to maintain structural and performance stability at extremely high temperatures, and the excellent performance of chromium oxide green makes it have enormous potential for application in this field.

However, despite the many advantages of chromium oxide green, attention should still be paid to its storage conditions during use. It should be stored in a dry place to prevent moisture, acid mist, and sun protection and should be isolated from food for storage.


(Chromium Oxide Green)

Chromium Oxide Green, also known as chromium trioxide, is a chemical with the molecular formula Cr2O3. It is a green pigment in the form of olive green powder with a metallic luster. This substance has many unique physical and chemical properties, making it widely used in multiple fields.

The characteristics of chromium oxide green include:

  1. High-temperature stability: It can still maintain stability in high-temperature environments and is not easily decomposed or oxidized.
  2. Good covering power: It can cover the substrate and provide uniform green coverage.
  3. Light resistance: It is not easy to fade or turn yellow under light.
  4. Chemical corrosion resistance: It is not easy to riposte with chemicals such as acids and bases.
  5. Magnetism: It has magnetism and can be used to manufacture magnetic materials.
  6. (Chromium Oxide Green)

The application of chromium oxide green:

  1. Pigment: Due to its bright green color and good covering power, chromium oxide green is widely used as a pigment for coloring products such as coatings, paints, and plastics.
  2. Refractory materials: Due to their high-temperature stability, chromium oxide green is used as a raw material for manufacturing refractory materials.
  3. Grinding agent: Its hardness and stability make it an ideal choice for grinding materials.
  4. Magnetic materials: Due to their magnetic properties, they are also used to manufacture magnetic materials.
  5. (Chromium Oxide Green)


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